Forex Beginner School

Today, Forex has become one of the most accessible financial markets for the retail investor. And there is no denying that in this market there are chances of making excellent profits, as long as you have clear objectives and a good plan to achieve them.

However, to develop such a plan, you need to know the market. And Forex can be a very complex market at first! Luckily, there are schools where you can learn everything you need to master the discipline of financial trading.

Next, we will analyze the importance of schools to learn to trade currency and the reasons for you to enroll in one.

Chapter 1: Forex Basics

  1. What is Forex?
  2. What do I need to trade Forex?
  3. Where does the profit come from? Pip and Lot!
  4. The spread and cost per trade
  5. Types of Forex Orders
  6. Leverage and margin call
  7. Choose the broker
  8. The decisions: technical or fundamental analysis?
  9. 10 books to start or learn more about Forex Trading

Chapter 2: Technical Analysis

  1. History and principles of technical analysis
  2. Dow Theory: Fundamentals of Trend Analysis
  3. Types of trading charts and their characteristics
  4. Supports, Resistances, Channels and Trends

5. Fibonacci

6. Japanese candlestick

7. The most used technical indicators

Chapter 3: News and Fundamental Analysis

  1. What is the fundamental analysis?
  2. Trading the news

Chapter 4: Risk Management

  1. What is Risk Management?
  2. Result curve and the maximum difference
  3. Risk – reward ratio
  4. Leverage

Why enter a Forex school

Many people believe that they can make consistent profits in the market without any kind of prior preparation, which is totally unrealistic. Of course, a few operators are lucky and manage to secure some profits without any effort, but it is not something they can repeat in the long term.

If you want trading to become your way of life, you have to have the necessary preparation. This is where Forex courses come in.

Fortunately, in the age of the internet you don’t have to go to a physical establishment or pay high tuition fees to become a professional Forex trader. All the resources to know and master the basic and advanced concepts of the market are found in online trading schools.

Advantages of forex trading schools

When it comes to learning to trade Forex, you basically have two options:

  • Learn totally on your own
  • Enter a trading school

If you decide to learn to trade on your own, you can develop concepts at your own pace. However, you will not have structured learning, so you may try to learn too advanced concepts at first, wasting your time. Also, since you are on your own, there will be no one to correct your mistakes or clear up any concerns you may have.

On the other hand, trading schools offer the perfect environment for you to develop your skills. The schools have a well-structured curriculum that ranges from basic to advanced, as well as practice exercises and possibly a tutor who will accompany you throughout the learning process.

Let’s now look at some advantages of entering a forex trading school.

You will have a solid foundation

With a solid foundation, you can grow as much as you can. Trading schools specialize in teaching the basics of forex trading in a practical and effective way. This way you will have a good foundation so that in the future you can develop your own trading plan that will allow you to achieve your financial goals.

You can learn to trade Forex more quickly

In general, in trading schools you will not be alone, but you will have the opportunity to interact with teachers, other students and a large community with which you can expand and share your knowledge.

That way, your learning curve will be shorter and you will be able to start making real operations in the forex market in less time. If you were learning to trade Forex on your own, you would surely spend more time discovering concepts and correcting your own mistakes along the way.

You will have good teaching materials

With the teaching materials for Forex courses online, you can easily learn and review different fundamentals of the market. Among the tools that you can use are: demo accounts, diagrams, manuals, practical exercises, etc.

You will receive advice

One of the biggest advantages of online trading schools is that you will receive help not only from teachers, but from your fellow students. If you have a question or can’t understand a concept, you can always ask someone else.

In the same way, you have the possibility of hiring a personal tutor, which will impressively accelerate your learning process.

You will develop your own trading style

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of trading schools is that they place great emphasis on your own development. Despite the fact that in this class of currency trading courses you will know various techniques, plans and strategies, it is expected that you will develop your own methodology that adapts to your personality.

It may seem like an irrelevant point, although it may actually be the most important of all. If you develop your own plan, you will have the possibility to improve and adapt it according to market changes. And Forex is always changing! Additionally, if you have your own trading plan, it means that you know it perfectly, so you can implement it later in an automated strategy. That means that once you create a consistently profitable plan, you can turn it into a Forex robot and enjoy your profits automatically.

The rewards are better!

Last (but not least), it should be mentioned that there is nothing more satisfying than mastering a discipline and applying it on your own. Many people buy signals and robots to make money with forex, but soon find that they do not know anything about the market, so their profits are not that high.

But, if you know the market and develop your own plans, you will have a way of making a living in the long run.


There are several ways to start trading the forex market and one of the most efficient is through trading schools. In these teaching centers you can learn the most important concepts to start trading, ranging from what are currency charts to advanced terms such as margin call and leverage.

If you are interested in starting Forex trading, it is highly recommended that you find a suitable trading school for you. Usually you will have the opportunity to preview some lessons before purchasing the full course. Similarly, there are many free Forex schools on the Internet.